1.0 Guide – Submit Your Stories How-To

Submit Your Stories is a new feature that will help you receive news from the general public. The goal is to streamline the process of obtaining and posting news and stories. Let’s go over the process:

How it works

  • Fill out the form! When someone wants to submit a news story to your community’s website, they will go to News > Submit Your Stories. They will fill out the form, check the Verification box, optionally upload an image, and click Submit Post.

    This will send a notification email to you, or someone on your team. If you want to add or remove someone’s email from that list, contact the CWP Hub Team for support.

What about Categories? If you want the form to include selecting one or more categories, make sure the site has sufficient categories already (or make them yourself in the Dashboard, under Posts > Categories), then make a support request with the CWP Hub Team.


  • You can then choose to:
  • Edit and Publish it, or Remove it.The submitted post doesn’t automatically post on the website. Instead it automatically generates an unpublished post. If the person uploaded an image when they filled out the form, it will be set as the Featured image. From here, you can edit and publish the post.

    If you want to delete the post, you can do it from Posts > View all. Just mouse over the name of the post and click “Delete.”
Why is the Post’s author myself/another mod or admin? WordPress has a limitation set in place where posts can only be authored by users with authorship, moderation or administrative privileges. The plugin we’re using goes around this by setting the author as someone with that user role.

And it’s as simple as that! Feel free to contact the CWP Hub Team for any further questions.