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About Us

Community Website Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with a purpose to strengthen rural communities by bringing people together through technology.

CWP convenes grassroots, rural networks across Oregon (and beyond) to build capacity in technology, community engagement, diversity / equity / inclusion/ justice (DEIJ), and collaboration while developing inclusive, community-driven websites and learning through customized training.

Our Approach supports rural residents taking the lead to build their community’s future.

Our Vision is to create inclusive, accessible, and sustainable community-run websites and develop local networks supporting rural communities to increase connections, collaboration and communication.

Our Goal is to engage residents, nonprofits and businesses to promote community building and positive change.

We Offer a unique, guided process to create and maintain websites that promote community awareness, connectedness, and community building.

Our Work

The Community Website Partnership convenes grassroots, rural networks across Oregon to build capacity in technology, community engagement, diversity / equity / inclusion/ justice (DEIJ), and collaboration while developing inclusive, community-driven websites and customized trainings.

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Community Websites

Our Community Websites promote increased connection, resilience, and local resources.

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Our Services

Our Services engage residents, nonprofits and businesses to promote community building and positive change.

Our Board and Staff


The Community Website Partnership Board of Directors

Lindsey B. Jones

Board Member, Chair

Board Chair Lindsey B. Jones is a rural community builder in Cave Junction, OR. She is passionate about creating connections, facilitating collaboration and holds strong values of joy in everything she does. She is the Executive Director and teaches Yoga and Chair Fitness to seniors at Healthy U and is serving as the Interim Executive Director at the Illinois Valley Community Development Organization. Around the community and throughout the state, she facilitates groups on a variety of community building and skill building subjects. Her background in theatre and clown prepared her well for this “circus” of jobs. As an early partner to the Community Website Partnership, Lindsey is an advocate for vital rural communities and acknowledges the role technology plays in connecting residents and visitors to the abundance of rural opportunities available.

Paul Addis

Board Member, Secretary

Paul Addis is a Reference Librarian at the Coos Bay Public Library and lives in Coos Bay, Oregon. He has a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Northern Arizona State University. For over eight years, Paul has served the Coos Bay community as a professional librarian and volunteer for a diversity of causes. For three years, he served on the Board of Directors for local homeless shelter, T.H.E. House. His board positions included Secretary, member of the board’s annual budget committee, and fundraiser. Paul is a member of Coos Hispanic Allies where he assists local Hispanics through fundraising, grant writing, and distribution of relief funds for families affected by Covid-19. Paul is also a member of the South Coast Equity Coalition and serves on the Steering Committee for the community website, South Coast Oregon Connects.

Clyde Miller

Board Member

Clyde Miller resides in Springfield, Oregon and is an advocate for demystifying technology to benefit everyone. He is a former adjunct professor of composition and creative writing who taught at Missouri State University. He independently built his first computer in 1997 and his first website in html in 2003. Following his teaching career, he was a helpdesk manager and systems administrator. Once he moved to Oregon, he became a project manager for a digital marketing and web design firm, Ruby Porter Marketing and Design. He is the chief operating officer of a managed service provider, Partnered Solutions IT. He is the chair of the Springfield Oregon Library Advisory Board and is the founder/owner of an LLC, Quality Trivia. He has overseen the development and launching of more than 100 websites, most of which were for small businesses. He has published more than 5 of his own. Clyde enjoys teaching, people, books, random trivia, nature, gardening, biking, and doing good. As a technicality, he is a published author of creative fiction, a gallery-shown artist, and has been a paid musician.

Jamar Ruff

Board Member

Jamar moved to the Coos County area a few years ago and immediately started Operation Coos County, a Facebook page to connect people to local resources. Jamar is an instrumental part of United Way of SWO, Southern Oregon Coast Pride, Queers & Allies of Coos County, HIV Alliance, and countless other community groups. He regularly provides services to our homeless community. If you go to a store with Jamar he will greet everyone he sees (whether he knows them or not) – but more likely they will greet him first. He inspires positivity but also keeps it real. He is my go-to for support, inspiration, and a good laugh when needed.

Our Staff

Brooke Nuckles Gentekos


Brooke embraces collaboration passionately to manifest inclusive and positive change. As a leader with 16 years of experience in community building with non profit organizations and small businesses, Brooke is inspired to connect resources to make a positive difference locally and globally. With skills in project management, grant writing, teaching, development and fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, operations, program initiating and directing, managing staff, volunteer coordination, special events coordination and establishing and maintaining community collaborating partners, she supports rural community builders throughout Oregon to provide community outreach and engagement strategies, develop network resources, and helps increase vitality of the community websites. In addition, Brooke is an exhibiting visual artist and teaches art to students of all ages.

Rhianna Simes, M.S.Ed.


Rhianna Simes grew up “in the middle of nowhere,” on her family’s 100 acre farm and vineyard in central Texas. Rhianna recently retired from 10 years as an instructor at the Oregon State University Extension Service, where she developed the Land Steward program, Citizen Fire Academy, and also coordinated the Master Gardener program. She has a Master’s of Science in Education and Botany from Southern Oregon University. Rhianna has been running educational, volunteer programs for over 18 years, and loves collaboration, life-long learning, and connecting with people. She lives rurally with her husband and two young children outside Phoenix, OR where they operate their own 1 acre, educational mini-farm called Verdant Phoenix (specializing in organic plant starts, perennial food, healthy soil and natural farming). Rhianna serves on the board for the Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association and is the Council Chair for the Rogue Valley Food System Network. Rhianna is a plant nerd who is passionate about local food, seed sovereignty, and building community.

Steven Williams

Technical Specialist

Steven Williams is a self-taught web designer who specializes in designing WordPress websites to meet nonprofit and community needs. Steven has worked as a web designer for the Community Website Project, the Neighborhood Food Project, the 1st Phoenix Community Center, and numerous other nonprofits and city organizations. Raised in Crescent City, California, Steven has been involved with LGBTQI+, youth leadership, and rural community building efforts for over 10 years. He took part in the Del Norte and Adjacent Tribal Lands (DNATL) chapter of the 10-year Building Healthy Communities (BHC) initiative; cohort discussions with the California Endowment Program on how best funding can be utilized in the local region; helped to provide grant funding for the Wild Rivers Community Foundation; volunteered at Coastal Connections as a youth councilman; lobbied for local, youth and LGBTQI+ interests with California representatives; and taught for Youth Training Academy. He is a skilled web designer, technical instructor, and tech jargon “translator” for our staff and Partnership participants.

Alyssa Lake

Youth Engagement Coordinator

Alyssa is Community Website Partnership’s first youth engagement coordinator. She is currently a junior at Illinois Valley High School and is a proud member of the Cheyenne RIver Sioux Tribe. Though she is only in highschool, Alyssa has shown immense commitment in all aspects of her work, including her partnership with multiple non profit organizations throughout Oregon. Along with her participation in renewable energy development and Native American education and equity. Alyssa has worked hard to be where she is today starting from a small town in Montana then moving to Southern Oregon she worked to achieve what she never thought was possible, and from that has grown into the hardworking, and inspiring young lady she is today.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Statement

The Community Website Partnership approaches our work collaboratively, improves constantly, values community building and is committed to providing an equitable and welcoming environment for all. Everyone is welcome. At Community Website Partnership, We believe when people who shape the values and activities of a nonprofit organization come from a wide array of backgrounds, they each bring unique perspectives that advance our mission and solve problems in potentially more innovative ways. We’re committed to modeling diversity and inclusion for the nonprofit sector, and to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.