Content Training Part 2: The Emergency Banner

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Editing the Emergency Page

Enabling the Emergency Banner

Disabling the Emergency Banner

The emergency banners on community websites are used to provide current information about emergency situations, offer resources, and help your region stay connected. In the event of an emergency, get to safety first then enable the banner and page by following these instructions.

Editing the Emergency Page

Finding the Emergency Page

First, log in. Then, using the admin bar, access the Dashboard by clicking the name of the website at the top-left corner.

Once you arrive at the Dashboard, find Pages on the left-side menu and click it.

This will bring you to the pages list. Scroll through the list of pages, changing to Page 2 or so on if needed, until you find the emergency page.

Mouse over the name of the page and some links will show underneath. Under the emergency page, click Edit with Divi.”

Editing the Emergency Page

This will open the Visual Builder for the emergency page.

To edit the text next to the left of the buttons, mouse over it until the menu opens and click the cog icon to open the Text Settings window. Edit the text, then save your changes.

To edit the buttons themselves, mouse over the button and click the cog icon to open the Button Settings window.


First, edit the text of the button if it needs changing. Then, click Link, then enter the link under Buttom Link URL. When you’re finished editing the button, save your changes with the bottom-right green button.

Look through the page, editing text and buttons as you see fit to the emergency. When you’re finished, click the purple three-dot button at the bottom of the visual builder interface and save your changes. Then exit the visual builder.

Enabling the Emergency Banner

Next, you need to enable the emergency banners on the homepage:

  • The floating banner that shows on the homepage
  • The banner that shows on mobile

Start by going to the homepage and accessing the Visual Builder.

Enabling the banner for PC and Tablets

On the homepage, mouse over the faded orange floating banner and click the cog icon that shows in the teal menu that shows up.

In the Row Settings, go to the Advanced tab, then find Visibility.

Change the checkboxes so they look like the below image. The orange floating banner should change from transparent to opaque.

When you move your mouse over a Module, it will show a dark grey Box around its edges, with a small dark grey menu inside the box.

Sections can be blue or puple, and rows are green. Save changes.

Enabling the Banner for Mobile

Slightly below the floating banner for PC is the one for mobile. Mouse over it, then click the cog icon in the dark blue menu that pops up on the left side. This will be a different color than the teal menu you clicked earlier, and should show above it.

If done right, you will see a window titled Section Settings.


  • If you see “Row Settings,” click the red X button at the bottom-left corner of the window and make sure to click the dark blue menu above the teal one.

In the Row Settings window, go to the Advanced tab and click Visibility. Change the checkboxes so they look like the below image.

Save your changes, exit the visual builder, then you’re done!

Disabling the Emergency Banner

You have successfully prepared the emergency information page and made it available for public viewing. Until the emergency situation is resolved, you or a member of your team can update the page as necessary, and share the page on social media as a local source of important information.

To disable the emergency banner, follow the steps for Enabling the Emergency Banner, but check all the checkboxes under Visibility instead.