Catalyzing Positive Change for Rural Oregonians Through Technology and Capacity Building

A template and process for creating community websites in partnership

Bringing People Together

The Community Website Partnership engages residents, nonprofits, businesses, and agencies through our Community Website template and Partnership process to promote community awareness, connectedness, and community building.

Through Technology

Our Hub Team facilitates a collaborative, 4 phase process with rural networks throughout Oregon to develop engaging place-based websites that spark positive change. The Community Website Partnership connects people, organizations, and businesses in rural Oregon and beyond with the technical tools and skills to thrive.

Visit the Community Website Template: New 2.0 available now!

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Interested communities may contact us at the bottom of this page, and after inquiry discussions may be invited to apply.
Once accepted into the Partnership, our Hub Team will support a diverse, local community website steering committee/ community team step by step through our 4 phase process:

Phase 1: Team building, Website Development
Phase 2: Community Website Launch
Phase 3: Outreach & Engagement
Phase 4: Plan for Sustainability
Post Phase 4: Vital, Community-Sustained Website – Options for “Post Phase 4” include custom Partnership Service Agreements with CWP Hub Team or designating local technical/ web design support.


Partnership benefits include: Guided step-by-step process designed and tested by fellow rural Oregonians, access to Partnership resources- live training, learning cohorts, videos, and guides to skill-up with technology, outreach and engagement, volunteer coordination, collaborative fundraising, more!
Partnership fees range from $120 – $4,000/ year.

Facilitation, Keynote Speaking, Panel Presentations

Zoom Meeting Facilitation

Our expert virtual meeting facilitators can support your group and/or event with facilitating Zoom meetings. We offer support with calendar invites, Zoom links to share, extra assistance logging in, breakout rooms, tools like the virtual whiteboard and jamboard, and more. We will help make your virtual meetings run smoothly and efficiently!

Online Skills

Tools for online collaboration and organizing

Learn how to work on collaborative projects with a group, even when you are on a Zoom call. We will share tools and other helpful options.

Google Drive and Google Docs for teams

Help your team skill up by utilizing Google Docs as a way to collaborate, track input, and share work as a group.

Understanding Google Analytics

Learn to access and analyze Google Analytics data to understand the reach of your website, how to increase your impact, and how traffic to your website can be improved.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get some tricks of the trade to increase the visibility of your website by improving your organization’s SEO and Google searches online.

Basic Zoom Meeting Skills

Learn how to log on, host a meeting, use the chat feature, and other basic Zoom skills.

Advanced Zoom Meeting Skills

Learn how to take a poll, share your screen, create break out rooms, and other special features on Zoom.

Community-Driven Organizing Skills

Community Website Partnership's Rural Equity Cohort

Participants benefit from education, peer-to-peer learning, accountability, and mentoring in a cohort-style series to increase diverse engagement for more resilient rural communities.

Board Development

Intentionally grow your nonprofit organization’s board of directors with diverse skills, experiences, and representation.

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Learn how to recruit new volunteers, engage those you have, and retain the volunteers over time in order to support your organization.

Virtual Fundraising

Innovative, asset-based, collaborative, virtual fundraising can bring abundance and long-term sustainability to your organization without ever leaving your home or office to do it. Including how to plan, and host an Online Auction, Virtual Trivia Game, Raffle, and more.

Recorded Testimonials for Impact

Get support, insight, and direction to create a short recording to share the mission of your organization, strengthen fundraising efforts, or opportunity to share updates.

Outreach Strategies for Rural Communities

Learn ways to effectively engage people in your community from word of mouth to social media platforms and everything in between.

Get In Touch!

In order to schedule your custom training, send an email to
Please include:

  • Your name
  • Your organization, or business
  • Contact information
  • Training description
  • How many people will attend
  • How long for training

After you send in your information, we will set up a 30 min inquiry discussion to get a little more information about your request. We are currently scheduling at least 1 month out, so please plan accordingly.

Rhianna Simes, M.S.Ed., our amazing Co-Director and outreach expert, will take care of your request.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Statement

The Community Website Partnership approaches our work collaboratively, improves constantly, values community building and is committed to providing an equitable and welcoming environment for all. Everyone is welcome. At Community Website Partnership, We believe when people who shape the values and activities of a nonprofit organization come from a wide array of backgrounds, they each bring unique perspectives that advance our mission and solve problems in potentially more innovative ways. We’re committed to modeling diversity and inclusion for the nonprofit sector, and to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.