CWP Rural Equity Cohort

A unique learning opportunity for rural leaders to learn from expert instructors: Construct the Present, discuss together in real time, and then collaborate to put their beliefs into action in order to support outreach to diverse communities in Oregon.

The 2022 Rural Equity Cohort is generously funded by the Oregon Community Foundation, Ronald W. Naito Foundation, The Ford Family Foundation, and funds raised collaboratively by rural Oregonians – for rural Oregonians.

Rural Youth Listening Sessions

An opportunity for rural youth to share their perspectives, needs, and creative ideas to solve today’s challenges around helping people in geographically distant places connect and know what is going on. When youth are civically engaged, rural communities thrive with them.

The Rural Youth Listening Sessions in 2022-2023 have been funded by the Cow Creek Foundation, and are a partnership with Project Youth Plus to offer paid work experience for rural youth.

Google Drive Training for Board Members

Customized training for members of the board of directors for local foundations to help them skill up, build capacity, and have the tools to collaborate virtually. The CWP training helped the team go from challenges to finding Google Drive, all the way to creating a new document, editing it, and sharing it with members of the team.

The Google Drive Training in 2022 was funded by the Four Way Foundation.

CWP Annual Summit

Partners from throughout Oregon gather annually to skill up, build capacity, and connect with other rural community builders. Now in its 4th year, this fall Summit is a valuable opportunity to learn, connect, and share in order to strengthen rural communities and the rural websites they support.

The CWP Annual Summit (2018-present) is supported with funding by the Ford Family Foundation, and through generous donations from rural residents.

Annual Collaborative Fundraiser

The Community Website Partnership has hosted annual collaborative online auctions with participating partnering community website teams since 2021. This fun event is planned by our network of networks, and delivered by rural Oregonians to support their communities and promote local businesses in their region.

The CWP Annual Collaborative Fundraiser has been supported by rural Oregonians for rural Oregonians to raise funds to support their community websites.