Partnership Resources

Welcome to the Community Website Partnership’s members-only resource section! This page provides access to training videos and guides, templates and sample materials from Partner websites, and useful resources for Community Teams.

Training Videos and Guides for CWP Partners

These trainings have been written, recorded and edited by the CWP Hub Team to help you hone your community website skills!

Content Training Part 1: Basic Page Editing

Learn the basics of the Community Website Partnership Template’s visual page editor.

Content Training Part 2: The Emergency Banner

Learn how to edit the emergency information page and banner in case of an emergency.

Google Analytics 4 Part 1: Users and Pageviews

Learn how to track and report your website’s Google Analytics.

Google Analytics 4 Part 2: Filtering Events and Listings

Learn how to find pageviews for the calendar, directory and volunteer sections.

Moderation Part 1: Users, Events & Listings

Learn how to remove spam users and moderate the Calendar and Directory.

2022 CWP Overview

Read through the Community Website Partnership Overview for 2022.

Example Materials from CWP Partner Websites

Tips, tricks, and materials provided by the CWP Hub Team and members of our Partnership!

CWP Outreach Guide

This custom guide provides helpful tips, resources, and sample materials for outreach in your community.

Outreach Materials

Outreach materials provided by members of community teams.

Useful Resources for CWP Community Teams

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CWP Template Version 1.0 Resources

Written, recorded and edited by the CWP Hub Team! Click the buttons below for more information.

Video Guides

Call to Action Guide – Learn more about moderating the Calendar and Directory.

Moderation 101 – Everything you need to know to get started moderating the CWP websites.

Projects Overview – Learn how to add, edit and remove projects from the site.

Technical Support Center Overview – Learn how to use our awesome new support ticketing system! Create an account, manage tickets, and get responses in an all new way.

Written Guides

Calendar, Directory, & Volunteer Moderation – Learn more about moderating the Calendar, Directory and Volunteer sections of the website.

Content Management Guide – Learn how to add, edit and remove content on the CWP website.

Dynamic Photos – Learn about dynamic photos, changing file sizes, and uploading photos to your community websites.

Submit Your Stories How-To – Learn more about the Submit Your Stories form, a streamlined way to get news and stories from your community.