Online Collaboration Skills

Tools For Online Collaboration

Improve your collaborative projects and group presentations with in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid tech tools and coaching.

Google Drive for Teams

Help your team skill up by utilizing Google Docs as a way to collaborate, track input, and share work as a group.

Understanding Google Analytics

Learn to access and analyze website traffic data to understand the reach of your website, and increase your impact.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn how to improve the impact of your organization’s website by increasing its visibility on Google.

Intro to Zoom

Learn how to log on, host a meeting, use the chat feature, and other basic zoom skills.

Advanced Zoom Meeting Skills

Learn how to take a poll, share your screen, create break out rooms, and other special features on zoom.

Community-Driven Organizing Skills

Community Website Partnership's Rural Equity Cohort

Participants benefit from education, peer-to-peer learning, accountability, and mentoring in a cohort-style series to increase diverse engagement for more resilient rural communities. 2022 Cohort Full –  Contact us for 2023 Cohort application.

Board Development

Coaching and interactive exercises that can be included in a board meeting agenda or board retreat to support your nonprofit organization to intentionally cultivate a strong board of directors with diverse perspectives, skills, experience and representation 

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Learn how to recruit new volunteers, engage those you have, and retain the volunteers over time in order to support your organization.

Virtual Fundraising

Innovative, asset-based, collaborative, virtual fundraising can bring abundance and long-term sustainability to your organization without ever leaving your home or office to do it.

Recorded Testimonials for Impact

Get support, insight, and direction to create a short recording to share the mission of your organization, strengthen fundraising efforts, or opportunity to share updates.

Outreach Strategies for Rural Communities

Learn ways to effectively engage people in your community from word of mouth to social media platforms and everything in between.

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